Web Development Blunders to Refrain
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Web Development Blunders to Refrain
» janet watson » May 9, 2019 5:17:16 PM +07 » 0

There are two ways a person can avoid making mistakes. Either by making a mistake and learning the lesson from it or by learning from someone else’s experience. We don’t want you to face difficulties in your web development career, so here are few usual mistakes of developers that you can avoid making:

•    Working on an incomplete project

Have you ever made a cake without recipe ingredients? Have you heard any builder creating an architecture without the blueprint? So why in the world would you start a website development without a project definition or statement of work (SOW) contract? You should never work on an incomplete project without the SOW contract.  Without the proper project definition you will not be able to know about the project dates and details and you will be working without clue.

•    Not analyzing a website

You wouldn’t buy a new car without having it tested. The same goes for a website. Web developers have made blunders and gave access to websites without testing them. Do not do that, as this can serve as a serious mistake for your web development career. Do not do this at any cost. Always test your website including every page in every major browser and see if there is an error that can be fixed.

• Never lie to your customers

 they never lie to their customers. As losing a customer is like losing a pillar of your business. If you can’t live up to your promises, then don’t make it but do not break it.

Make sure to avoid all of this and your web development career will flourish.

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Web Development Blunders to Refrain
» nahixalix jack » June 13, 2019 5:54:50 PM +07 » 0


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