I play with Bob's mods and Angel's ores. I need lithium ion batteries to make dark blue science. I could not find any ground or lithia water spots. I have forgot to download Bob's ore mod. I installed it but I can not get water wells or water pumpjack technologies. I have tried to reset everything and regenerate water wells. It says that it can not recognize "groud-water" and "lithia-water". Is there any way to get water spots and pumpjacks work. I tried also setting in config file which should give lithia water from pumps but it did not work.
.I understand that someone want to leave some mod out, but it is also easy to forget one when I download them from mod portal and get problems after couple of tens of hours. Could it be possible to release simple all mods -pack at the side of separate mods? It could be just a zip file with all mods.What is the difference between Bob's and Angel's resin and rubber? Can I replace Bob's things with Angel's things in insulated wire and solder manufacturing? Or what can I do with Angel's stuff? It seems to be much more interesting to make.

Any help will be apprecited.

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