Hi All,

I'm hoping I can get some advice if this might be groundwater my problem usually happens after it rains. The left hand side of my housing is facing South so it never sees sun in summer or winter, It also receives most the rain and windat times, my house boundary is 2m to the fence line and I do have a 1m concrete path on that side, the ground level on that side is flat with a tiny slope to the fence.My soil report nominates the first Horizon 0-400mm as Silty Sand and the second Horizon 400mm to 800mm is Silty Clay. I kept noticing the mortar below the damp proof course began to turn greenish so I caulked the concrete path and brick junction, this stopped the dampness/greenish built up .I did have a camera inspection done on my stormwater system including the downpipe offsets and found no cracks or poor pvc cement joins. The stormwater pvc pipe was also placed on scoria.,My neighbours house boundary is 1.2m from the fence and he has a concrete path that is 900mm wide, he has a 300mm garden space between the fence line and his path, however I have stood out there during a rainy day and noticed the rain water was not from his side but my side due to the rain hitting the first floor of my house.

Please help.

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