Transformer Winding Resistance Meter is designed to measure the winding resistance of transformers, Inductors, generators and motor windings, Tap Changers Etc.It is specially designed for Highly Inductive objects like 400KV/220KV.Special care is taken for measuring 3 phase transformers by using band switch matrix, to avoid climbing on transformers for safe & measurements. This is only indigenous TWRM which gives very fast readings for 3Phase Star-Delta any combination Transformers. The built in open circuit Voltage of DC Supply ensures that core of the transformer is saturated for fast measurements to be taken. Care is taken to absorb the Back emf of such transformers. For user safety, Indication for discharges is provided on front panel , if the current through winding under measurement is disturbed/discontinued. Instrument has built in 10A regulated and highly stable current source with current selection of 25 Amp,10Amp,1Amp, 0.1Amp & 0.01Amp.Instrument uses ratio-metric circuit where the resistance of specimen is compared with known internal standard and 4 ½ digit LED/LCD display is provided for resistance measurement in milliohms and in ohms.

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