I am working with C8.5 for over a year and still dont get how you live with this:
every minute or so, I happen to have my curser somewhere at the right border of the screen and want to switch back to the normal cursor, which I usually do by right-clicking once.
but as the little dropdown toolbox is just all 10 or so tools in one line, anytime I am in the right 1/5 of the screen the toolbox does not have standard curser at that point of the screen.
I used to use this feature so intuitivly, that I barely notice the mistake (fe. piking cut tool instead of normal cursor) and cut up stuff and have to redo, etc.
sorry it seems a bit detailed, but it actually makes me wish to have back my C5 toolbox in two rows back every two minutes, as I use this feature alot.
is there a way to rearrange that toolbox?

Please help.

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