I'm running my own OSM-Website since a couple of days. I started with the map-data around my location and felt that it would be great to have it updated on a regular basis from the OSM-Server.fter getting familiar with the osmosis replication tasks, I set them up, downloaded a delta of the planet and got stuck, when I merged the osc file with my api database, since there were nodes in the osc file that are not in my dataset leading to conflicts with the database restrictions.So what: I decided to download the whole Planet, downloaded the first 24h-delta and started applying the changes to my planet.osm file. That works, but it takes a loooooooooong time! Since it takes so long, i wonder what the minute-based-deltas are for, if changes can only be applied to the whole planet und applying takes about 20h.But: the community is not stupid! Obviously the minute-based-daltas must be good for something and I'm probably missing y couple of things, so that in the end there must be a way to apply only the relevant subset of the planet-delta to my initial small osm-world around me.I was not able to find some best practice yet. Any suggestions?

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