I've recently built a new Windows 2003 server using Hyper-V. I have the RSAT application installed on a spare Windows 7 computer to manage it with, but I cannot install it on my own Windows 7 PC (keeps failing during install). From what I see online, a lot of people are having my installation problem. To top it off, my colleague is still on Windows XP so RSAT is not an option for him at this point.We also have a VMWare server on our network, and several Virtual PC computers on our network as well (which we will likely port to Hyper-V at some point). So it is not a must have, but if there is some kind of application that can control Hyper-V/VMWare/Virtual PC from the same place, then that would be a bonus.Free application is preferable, but anything under $100 would be a good option.

Please help

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