I just reinstalled VS2012 due to some strange malfunction (I couldn't add controls to forms from the toolbox), and at the same time, i uninstalled Telerik Winforms controls  version 2010_3_10_1215 and installed version 2012_3_1211, which we use in our solution.
My problem is, that in the Telerik controls Toolbox tab, most controls are greyed out, and appears twice.
I have tried the TelerikToolboxCleaner from one of the other posts, but apparently it works with VS2010, not VS2012.
I have also used the Telerik Toolbox Configurator.
I wan't to have all controls available one time.
I'm not too fond of resetting the toolbox, because I fear it might mess up a lot of other things.
How do I fix this?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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