I am new to this and looking around for help.I was thinking I could sell my service by personally emailing local businesses in my city and telling them they could use my business whiteboard videos on their website to gain more customers, but after writing 50 or so emails and only getting 1 response with no sales, I realize this attempt doesn't work. I've since tried a few solo ads, craigslist, and I even emailed 20 or so internet marketing bloggers to see if they would promote me to their list and I would give them $99 a customer they send me, but I still get no responses from all these attempts.

I'm trying to stick to free methods of promotion and advertising. Any ideas on how I can make this work?. I went through many resources and also checked many animated business whiteboard video but did not find any solution.Please help me out.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.