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The SWAT developed by the United States Department of Agriculture has been set-up to generate subbasin runoff from rainfall and climate data then provide inputs to a series of basin simulation models. The basin simulation models are based on the Integrated Quantity and Quality Model software originally developed for the Murray-Darling Basin in Australia. The simulation models route catchment flows through the river system, making allowance for control structures such as dams and irrigation abstractions. Animated Whiteboard Videos are a great way to engage your customers and generate new revenue website to increase user engagement. A hydrodynamic model, based on iSIS software developed by HR Wallingford and Halcrow, is used to simulate the river system downstream part of the basin including Great Lake and Delta. The hydrodynamic model represents the complex interactions caused by tidal influences, flow reversal in the Tonle Sap River and over-bank flow in the flood season with the varying inflows from upstream.