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The Forum is an open committee of some fifty organizations, including state and local agencies, local non-profit environmental and education organizations, community volunteer groups, and private citizens. The work of CCWF participants is premised on the notion that actions in a watershed are inter-related and, therefore, that broad participation and cooperation is needed to affect change. Members of the CCWF work together to find common approaches to making our water resources healthy, functional, attractive and safe community assets. Animated Graphic make your videos more exciting, after all, who doesn’t love watching exciting illusions of motion. The Forum impacts the community, environment and decision makers in Contra Costa County (CCC). Concerned with urban, suburban, and rural county in the San Francisco Bay Delta area, the Contra Costa Watershed Forum facilitates local agency and citizen collaboration, fosters innovative strategies for stewardship and protection of watershed resources, and encourages regional capacity building in CCC and neighboring areas.