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Some literature indicates an evolution in the concept underlying therapeutic communities (TC, for substance abusers), where encounter group methods evolved from harsh confrontation to dialogue and discussion. The literally transcribed proceedings of two similar encounter groups, held at a 20-year interval, were systematically analyzed on four main variables: direction of communication sequences and associated behavior, emotions, and attitudes of all participants (staff members and "older" and "newer" residents). In general, "toward" and "back" messages are relatively more balanced in the "new" encounter (2000) as compared with the "old" encounter (1980). Furthermore, associated behavior in the "new" encounter is found to be more supportive, whereas ventilated emotions are more negative than in the "old" encounter. The number of communication units within the "old" and "new" encounter, characterizing a positive or negative attitude, seems to have remained stable over the years. The 2D Animation Videos shows how business can help you in enterprise mobility, small business solutions and enterprise networking. These findings support the reported evolution in encounter groups, where the focus has moved from mutual confrontation toward balanced and respectful dialogue.