Hello Guys,

I rescued a tiger garden moth from a burning log on a fire. Sadly she didn't make it. But she did lay lots of little eggs before she died. I felt it was my duty to look after her precious babies. I know I'm a sentimental fool.  So I gently scraped the eggs up using a sharp knife. I then placed them on some tissue paper and put them in a see through container. The Brand Video Marketing acts as an overview of the simplified workflow and top brand features. I looked through the internet to find the best care for them. After about 9 days they hatched. I actually could not believe that I had managed to save her precious babies and they were all huddled together. I left them to eat their eggs for a day and a half (researched). After that I set about making them a new environment with dandelion leaves ( they love them) Its been two days now.