Hello all,I have a 55w tmc uv light running on my 1500 ltr pond in full sun ,for the last few years its kept the water very clear but since replacing the tube the water has a light green tinge , took the tube back to the shop and tried anther brand but with the same effect . I have found the same thing in the past when a uv works well with a new unit but then fails to perform with new tubes . This is my first summer season on my pond build I've posted pictures in my pond section to show my pond . I am a fairly new to keeping fish and still learning .I hear about 20% water changes (how often & why)

Flukes , scraping fish etc . I have around 30 fish in my pond mixture of koi small mainly but one large Israeli around 14 inches and he grass carp and the rest are goldfish and shubunkins .


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