Though there is a lot of talk about water conflicts, including the oft quoted remark that the Third World War would be fought over water, there is very little systematic work on documenting water conflicts. The  venerated among people working in the water sector in India today. Many owe a debt to Prof. Iyer for generously sharing his time and his wisdom to help shape their thoughts on water. His work has come to symbolise an alternative world view of the water sector. Moved by a desire to honour this guide, the Centre for Policy Research, Delhi and Arghyam Trust, Bangalore organised a felicitation programme and three day conference titled 'Water Sector Forum and its participants have already done some work in this direction and in fact the Forum owes its formation to the interaction initiated by this documentation effort. In 2004, some of them collected and put together the information on a few of the better known water conflicts in South India had been and published a summary of the cases published as a small booklet by Doraiswamy R. and Biksham Gujja, Understanding Water Conflicts: Case Studies from South


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- http://conflicts.indiawaterportal.org/node/169

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