One of the problem occur from MQURD need format of Date (dd/MMM/yyyy) different from format of Date in Master Catalogue (dd/MMM/yyyy: hh/mm/ss). Therefore we should adjust format of date from All Series of data into MQURD, We can do in one time by editing in following folder “D:\MRCSKB_042012\TSData” 

1.Open file “Master_CataloguePrecipitation.mdb” from folder  “D:\MRCSKB_042012\TSData”

2.Select  “Create”  then “Query Design”

3.Close Pop Up Window

4. Select “SQL View” 

5. Typing this formula    update tblMaster_CataloguePrecipitation set [Date] = Format([Date], 'dd/MMM/yyyy')

6. Click Run  “!”

Please note this will update everything in the table and it’s not rolled back at all !!