Program Policies: Coinbase™
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Program Policies: Coinbase™
» remmywas was » November 8, 2019 4:59:39 PM +07 » 0

Coinbase vows not to start lawful activity for security look into led compliant with all Bug Bounty Program arrangements, including great confidence, coincidental infringement. We consider exercises led reliable with this approach to establish "approved" lead under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the DMCA, and relevant enemy of hacking laws, for example, Cal. Punitive Code 502(c). We won't bring a DMCA guarantee against specialists for going around the mechanical estimates we have used to ensure the applications in extent of the Bug Bounty Program.
coinbase support number :On the off chance that lawful activity is started by an outsider against you and you have conformed to the Bug Bounty Program strategy, we will find a way to make it realized that your activities were directed in consistence with this arrangement. If it's not too much trouble get that if your security look into includes the systems, frameworks, data, applications, items, or administrations of another gathering (which isn't us), that outsider isn't bound by our promise and may decide if to seek after legitimate activity.  can't and doesn't approve security explore on different substances.
If it's not too much trouble present a HackerOne report to us before taking part in direct that might be conflicting with or unaddressed by this arrangement. ( coinbase support )This report ought to incorporate a short depiction of your expected direct so we may decide if it is predictable with the Bug Bounty Program strategy.

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Program Policies: Coinbase™
» van thao » November 12, 2019 10:50:41 AM +07 » 0

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